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Windows Stop code Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 how to fix

You see Windows Blue Screen of Death. While in this case you may have noticed windows 10 Exception service system . Well, the BSOD question is still on the rise in Windows 10 PCs. This is the most frustrating question that a Windows user might encounter Microsoft is still trying to solve this quirk and annoyance problem. Now that the BSOD appears it also displays useful…
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Microsoft does not seem to have given up on the idea of ​​unifying the Windows 10 experience, and is still actively testing the upcoming Windows Core OS devices. Maybe you still have questions about the existence of Windows Core OS, but now Microsoft officials have accidentally leaked new details of the unreleased operating system. According to…
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Windows 12 Lite Linux Free download ISO 64 bit

Windows 12 Lite Linux Free download ISO 64 bit: As you remember, it wasn’t accidentally released on the eve of abandoning Windows 7 support, Linux Lite 4.8 was to tempt people looking for a secure system for themselves. Someone is clearly counting on people dissatisfied with Microsoft, because here comes another variant of Linux Lite, baptized with the…
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Windows 12 lite Linux -Based Released – Faster Than Windows 10

No ads! No update failure! ‘Windows 12 Lite’ birth With the end of support for Windows 7, Windows 10 is likely to be the dominant share of the desktop OS, but some may not like it.This time, it turned out that there is an operating system called ” Windows 12 Lite ” developed for such a person ( MSPoweruser ). Windows 12 Lite is a Linux…
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Service Host Superfetch : Fix Service Host Superfetch 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

The superfetch service allows you to speed up the execution of programs installed on the system with which you constantly work. This service marks the programs you use most often. Due to this, there is a significant acceleration in the launch and operation of programs. Indeed, thanks to the work of this service, all the necessary files are…
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Windows 13 Download Iso File 32 bit 64 bit – Release date 2020

We already have an official date for the launch of Windows 13. Microsoft has confirmed that the release of Windows 13 for all platforms will be July 29, 2020. Finally, and after many rumors, Microsoft has confirmed through its corporate blog the release date of Windows 13, which will reach all compatible devices on July 29, 2020 . Windows 13…
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